Discipline-based education research are done in many different contexts at the faculty of science and technology - from teachers exploring their practise to established research groups.

The centre support research on different levels and support collaboration and cooperation.

Focus areas

MINT offers seminars, courses and projects within certain focus areas. See "Activities" for current information.


Research funders

Some possible external funding sources for discipline-based educational research:

Swedish Research Council, education science committee :

Marcus och Amalia Wallenberg
This foundation mainly supports scientific research in humanities and learning.

Marianne och Marcus Wallenberg
This foundation mainly supports scientific research in education and social sciences.

Central Bank of Sweden Jubilee Fund
This fund supports research in humanities and social sciences.

FORTE  Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare
Forte is a national research council that funds scientific research related to human health, working life and welfare.


MINT supports different strategic initiatives to strengthen discipline-based education research competence at the faculty. There is currently an ongoing initiative within biology and earth sciences.


The activities at the centre cooperate closely with  established discipline-based education research groups at Uppsala University, such as:

The centre also co-finances and collaborates with the Uppsala University research school in discipline based education (Swedish site).