Collaboration and support

The goal of MINT is to support and provide opportunities for conducting disciplines-based education research (DBER) and and their implementation in practice with all disciplines within the Faculty of Science and Technology. The centre aims to promote and coordinate DBER and thereby contribute to developing an excellent educational environment at the university.

The centre offers support in various forms, mostly commonly through providing advice and guidance, as well as financial support.

advice in Methodology and theory

A broad range of expertise can be found within the MINT network. MINT can offer access to different resources, inspiration and support for projects in DBER. Please contact the coordinator if you have any questions about such support.

Financial support

Individual finanical support. MINT can provide limited financial support to employees at the Faculty of Science and Technology who wish to conduct or participate in DBER-related activities within disciplinary fields of the faculty.

Examples of activities for which MINT can provide financial support include: participation in research conferences, finanical support for building up a collaboration that leads to an application for research grant, financing research visits by external guest researchers that can contribute to promoting the development of DBER at the faculty, software licence fees etc.

Are you wondering if you can get finanical support from MINT? You are welcome to contact the coordinator with any queries. We can provide advice on what would be activities can be support by MINT, how to draft your application, as well as how to carry out research projects in DBER.

Se the links below for more information on how to apply.

Applications up to 15 000 SEK are handled by the coordinator of MINT throughout the year. The coordinator can also refer the application to the board of MINT for further consultation.

Applications above 15 000 SEK are evaluated four times a year. Deadlines: 15 Mar, 15 maj, 15 Sep and 15 Nov.

Application forms and information

For applications for participation in research conferences in DBER, please use this form.

For other applications, see instructioner here.

All applications are to be sent to the coordinator of MINT.

Useful resources

Guide for new researchers

The National HE STEM Programme in the UK has published a guide for those who are new to education research within science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Getting Started with Pedagogic Research within the STEM Disciplines

Research overview

A 2012 report from the US National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine provides a good overview of DBER and its significance for science and engineering education.