MINT activities

MINT organise seminars, courses and other activities to create opportunites for those interesting in education research in any of TekNat's subject areas to meet, network and exchange ideas. Come join us!

Seminars and other gatherings

Once a month, presentations the first hour, then fika and mixer afterwards.

Seminar series, Spring 2020

Wed 26/2, Ångströml Laboratory, Å4004

  • Johanna Lönngren (Umeå University), How can we research the integration of sustainability into science and engineering education?

(Due to the situation with covid-19, the March seminar was postponed.)

Mon 27/4, via Zoom

  • Panel discussion: Publishing in Discipline Based Education Research
    Panelists: Anna Danielsson (Dept of Education), Mats Daniels (Dept of Information Technology), Felix Ho (Dept of Chemistry - Ångström)

Wed 14/5, via Zoom

  • Panel discussion: GDRP and Discipline Based Education Research
    Panelen: Jacob Håkansson (Data protection officer, UU), Eva Hultin (Dept of Education), Christer Lagvik (University Library), Lars Eklund (Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing)

    The seminar was recorded and can be streamed here (NB: large file, can take time to buffer). Jacob Håkansson's slides are also available here. Both are password-protected. Click here to request a password if you do not already have one.

Seminar series, Autumn 2019

Mon 23/9: Mellanrummet, Å10234 (MazeMap -

  • Trevor Volkwyn (Dept of Physics and Astronomy, UU), Transduction in teaching and learning science: The role of devices in student meaning making
  • Jesper Haglund (Centre for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Education Research, Karlstad University), Using infrared cameras in physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering education.

Thu 17/10: BMC C8:317 (MazeMap -

  • Abigail Barker  (Dept of Earth Sciences, Mineralogy Petrology and Tectonics, UU), Active learning in mineral chemistry promoted by apps.
  • Margareta Krabbe (Dept of Biology Education Centre, UU), International conferences in subject didactics - what can we learn?

Wed 13/11: Lärosal 2, EBC (MazeMap -

  • Katerina Pia Günter (Centre for Gender Research, UU), Figuring Worlds and Exploring Identities in Higher Biology Education
  • Elias Euler (Dept of Physics and Astronomy, UU): Patterns in students’ self-directed use of an unconstrained digital learning environment

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Tue 10/12, Beurlingrummet, Ångström (MazeMap -

  • Maja Elmgren (Dept of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory): University teachers as carriers of disciplinary culture
  • Mats Daniels (Dept of Information Technology): Knowledge is not Enough - Research Regarding Professional Competencies

List of previous seminars can be found here.


Information about upcoming and past courses can be found here.

Autumn 2019

Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Discipline-based Education Research

As a teacher, you might want to know e.g. how your teaching affected student learning, or how a teaching and learning activity influenced student engagement and their experience. Here, a qualitative research method (involving interviews, observational studies, analysis of text responses etc.) might be appropriate for answering your questions. This course will give you an introduction to qualitative research methods in education, especially within the context of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Autumn 2018

Course in Quantitative Methods in STEM Education Research
The recording lectures, lecture notes, lab instructions and assignments are available through this link. Credit points were available to PhD students taken this course.