MINT activities

MINT organise seminars, courses and other activities to create opportunites for those interesting in education research in any of TekNat's subject areas to meet, network and exchange ideas. Come join us!

Seminars and other gatherings

Once a month, presentations the first hour, then fika and mixer afterwards.

Seminar serie, autumn 2021

Wed 15/9, 1:15 - 3.00 pm (via Zoom)

  • Lisa Freyhult & Marco Chiodaroli (Physics and AstronomyUU), "Exploring Students' Perspectives on Distance Learning" (abstract here; recording here)

Seminar series, spring 2021

Wed 17/2, 1:15 - 3:00 pm (via Zoom)
  • Arnold Pears (Unit of Learning in STEM, KTH), ”Engineering Education 2.0: Models, Methods and Techniques for Innovation” (abstract here; recording here).
Fri 19/3, 1:15 - 3:00 pm (via Zoom)
  • Virginia Grande, "Being a role model as an academic: a model to support reflection"; Kristina von Hausswolff, "‘Practical Thinking' and ‘Aesthetic Expressions’ as a way of understanding novices learning to programming in the computer lab" (Computer Science Education, UU) (abstracts here; recording of V Grandes presentation here).
Thu 15/4 3:15 - 5:00 pm (via Zoom)
  • Karolina Broman (Dept of Science and Mathematics Education, Umeå universitet) "Flipped chemistry – collaboration between university chemistry education and research" (abstract here; recording here).
Tue 11/5 3:15 - 5:00 pm (via Zoom)
  • Niklas Gericke (Research Centre of Science, Mathematics, Engineering Education Research, Karlstad University), "Epigenetic literacy and the integration of epigenetics in school biology" (abstract here; recording here)

Seminar series, Autumn 2020

Mon 15/12, 3:15 pm (via Zoom)

  • Christer Lagvik (University Library), Handling research data – requirements and expectations from different stakeholders (recording here; presentation here)

Wed 24/11, 1:15 pm (via Zoom)

  • Maria Weurlander (Dept of Education, Stockholms universitet), Student-centered teaching and meaningful learning (abstract here; recording here)

Wed 21/10, 13:15 (Lindahl-salen, EBC, MapMaze: Also via Zoom - contact Felix Ho for link)

  • Olov Viirman (Dept of Education, UU), The mathematical discourse of first-year biology students engaging with mathematical modelling activities (abstract here; recording here)

Tue 29/9, 13:15, Ångström Laboratory Å2003 (also via Zoom)

  • Anne-Katrin Peters (Climate Change Initiative, UU), Making sustainable futures at university, the role of science and technology education (abstract here)

List of previous seminars can be found here.


Information about upcoming and past courses can be found here.

Autumn 2020/Spring 2021

The Role of Theory in Discipline-Based Education Research

What is “theory” in the context of discipline-based education research (DBER)? How do theoretical frameworks and models affect how we design studies on teaching and learning, what questions can be asked, how data can be gathered, analysed and interpreted, and what evidence-based conclusions can be drawn? Does theory matter at all in DBER? [Spoiler alert: yes it does…]

Autumn 2019

Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Discipline-based Education Research

As a teacher, you might want to know e.g. how your teaching affected student learning, or how a teaching and learning activity influenced student engagement and their experience. Here, a qualitative research method (involving interviews, observational studies, analysis of text responses etc.) might be appropriate for answering your questions. This course will give you an introduction to qualitative research methods in education, especially within the context of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Autumn 2018

Course in Quantitative Methods in STEM Education Research
The recording lectures, lecture notes, lab instructions and assignments are available through this link. Credit points were available to PhD students taken this course.

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